Compete on a Crowded Main Street with Eye-Catching Exterior Signage

Compete on a Crowded Main Street with Eye-Catching Exterior Signage

As new local businesses spring up across the nation, it’s more important than ever to stand out in a growing downtown business scene. Since 2010 there has been a net gain of over 165,000 new small and medium sized businesses in the US. One way to grab attention as the new business in town is […]

ada signs

The Basics of ADA Signs

  Many of us equate ADA signs as being braille signs – tactile signs – for individuals who are visually impaired but the definition goes far beyond that. The Americans with Disabilities Act was implemented to enable anyone with physical disabilities find their way, easily gain access, and arrive to their intended destination without limitations. […]

custom engraved trophies

Boost Morale With Custom Engraved Trophies

Engraved trophies can boost morale in your organization by showing the value and appreciation you have for your employees. Instead of waiting until an employee retires, reward them now for their hard work and efforts or for going above and beyond the job description. Raises in pay are certainly welcomed, gift cards are great, and […]

sign design & installation

Custom Signage and Installation Abilities

Custom signage is most convenient and cost effective when you select a company that offers in-house design and installation. These two important aspects prevent you from having to locate a graphic designer, a sign company to create the signage, then a separate installer. When all of these conveniences are under one roof, you save time, […]

Benefits of Having a Company Vehicle Wrapped

Benefits of Having a Company Vehicle Wrapped

  So you’re considering having the company vehicle wrapped but you’re wondering if you will see a substantial return on that investment. Consider these three factors that come into play. REACH Vehicle wraps are seen by consumers that are either not exposed to or have limited exposure to any other traditional or technological marketing outlet, […]

business signage salem

Signs As A Tool For Branding Your Business

What’s your brand? Your brand tells the public who you are, what you do and has the ability to inflict an emotional response. Think of your brand as if it were a State flag – who doesn’t recognize the flag of California, with its massive bear and its red and green banners, or of Texas […]